Juniper Brined Turkey Breast Roast

Juniper Brined Turkey Breast Roast sliced with relish

Hello Dirty Laundry Kitchen fans, it’s been awhile. I’m really excited to be posting this Juniper Brined Turkey Breast Roast, with time for it to make it’s way onto your Thanksgiving menus. Truth told, it’s simple and delicious as a plan ahead weeknight dinner, too. The slices from this Juniper Brined Turkey Breast Roast make for some seriously good sandwiches, especially when paired with some homemade cranberry relish. I served leftover slices of it with aged cheddar on cranberry walnut french toast last weekend, so really, the sky is the limit. Let your imagination run wild. For so many reasons, including it’s fabulous leftover potential, I think this Juniper Brined Turkey Breast Roast is a great first post after a blogging hiatus. I created this recipe before my daughter entered the world and my life changed in so many ways, so coming back to it, and finding that it still fits into my cooking philosophy is comforting and empowering. I think you’ll notice in the coming months that practices, procedures and recipes are going to get even easier here at Dirty Laundry Kitchen. I still fully believe in my mission of comfortable, elegant entertaining. But the addition of a child … Continue reading

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We’re all sold out! And we’re busy in the kitchen rolling out dough. Thanks for your Patronage. If you ordered a pie, pick up details will be sent out in email form this afternoon. And I’d love to hear all about how much you loved your pies. Happy Thanksgiving to all. If you didn’t buy a pie this year, but wish you did, please check back for other Holiday ordering events by subscribing to Dirty Laundry Kitchen. And don’t miss out on our Holiday postcard and seasonal recipe cards by joining our snail mail list. Please email me your name and address [Just click here!] … Continue reading

Lime Dark Rum Cranberry Relish

Lime Dark Rum Cranberry Relish TG

I love cranberry relish, and no matter my theme, it’s going to be at my Thanksgiving table in some form or the other. So when I took on a Caribbean menu, there was no doubt that I would still make a cranberry relish no matter how foreign cranberries may be to the Caribbean and that was enough to make this Lime Dark Rum Cranberry Relish possible. I just needed to add the right flavors and accents to make the cranberry relish fit in with some of my more traditional dishes on the menu, like the jerk turkey. I also knew that since my classic relish is raw, I would need to combine it with a sauce of some sort if I wanted to sneak in something as bold as dark rum. So here we are with a best of both worlds Lime Dark Rum Cranberry Relish that combines a cranberry sauce and cranberry relish. While you’re making the relish, be sure to keep tasting both sauces throughout both processes (which is, of course, a good general practice) because while I like things a little tart, you may not, and should feel justified in upping the sugar just a bit here and … Continue reading

Guanciale Béchamel Runny Egg Pizza

Runny Egg Pizza (Guanciale Béchamel) on pizza stone

Guanciale Béchamel Runny Egg Pizza is my knockoff of the Uova Pizza da Barbuzzo Restaurant in Philadelphia. Barbuzzo is one of my favorite restaurants in Philly, and the Uova Pizza is one of my favorite pizzas. They don’t make it year ‘round though; come springtime, quite seasonably reasonably, Brussels leaves give way to shave asparagus, much to my consternation. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Philly, where you can go out for this Guanciale Béchamel Runny Egg Pizza, now you can make it at home so you’ll know what you’re missing, and why you need to come visit Philly ASAP. And you should absolutely let me know how close my Guanciale Béchamel Runny Egg Pizza is to the original. Of course, I don’t have a wood fire pizza oven, (dreams, right?) but with a pizza stone and a very hot oven you can get kind of close. But the sauce, well, let’s just say I think I nailed it with my guancial béchamel sauce. Mostly, this Runny Guanciale Béchamel Runny Egg Pizza is a really fun project that makes you appreciate all the work that went into the original and reinforces making a reservation at Barbuzzo. * One of my … Continue reading