Complete Menus

C O M P L E T E      M E N U S

In general, I love the challenge of planning a new menu. I enjoy choosing a theme and sifting through recipes and creating an experience that’s cohesive and thoughtful. Balancing each dish against the others in such a way that when pressed for a favorite your guests will be able to answer, but as they recollect the dish its flavors push them to point out the next course as well as their “favorite.” But sometimes, I just want something that will be perfect. Something tried and true. Something I don’t have to test or worry about. That’s what complete menus are all about. Feel confident that if you choose to cook one of my complete menus you will have a well-planned meal from the cocktail through dessert. Now all you have to think about is which fresh flowers to select and whether or not to go ahead and hand write the invitations.

closeup banana cream pie with pretzel crustMidwestern Potluck

mint juleps
Kentucky Derby Party


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  1. Since we’re on the topic of complete menus, what’re you serving for St. Patrick’s Day beside soda bread?

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