Super Bowl Party

It’s here. It’s time. The Packers are out but the friends are still in. Whatever will you make? Here’s some ideas for a delicious Super Bowl menu that will keep you out of the kitchen and on the couch, watching the commercials, where you belong. It should also leave you with some leftover pulled pork. The better for making some pulled pork nachos or quesadillas. There’s mushrooms sliders that are so good the vegetarians will have to fight the carnivores for them. There are plenty of snacks and treats to round things out. And don’t worry, I made some sauteed spinach as a side, so nothing else counts, right?

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Junk Yard Dog mix

Halftime Show:
Pulled Pork
Mushroom Sliders
Homeade Brioche Rolls

Red Zone:
Peanut Pretzel Brownie Bites
Cherry Oatmeal Cookies




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