Cooking Classes

C O O K I N G     C L A S S E S

Previous Events include:
Ladies Night Desserts and Wines: Cider Caramels and Dark Chocolate Truffles
Soul Cheese Quests: you guessed it, wine and cheese and how to know what you like best.
Reading Cookbooks: How to know if you can handle it.
Improvisation in the Kitchen: It’s all about confidence!
Butter and Oil: Couples cook Shrimp Scampi

I volunteered as a Teaching Assistant at Sur La Table during law school and received a lot of experience teaching cooking classes. I am skilled in many cuisines and have taught classes in basic Indian, basic sushi, as well as the listed formal classes you see above. I also taught High School English classes in California and Public Health Law classes at the University of Pennsylvania, so I have a lot of general teaching experience. Join me in your own home or mine as we laugh, drink, dice, and gain confidence in the kitchen individually or in groups.