Jerusalem Cookbook Dinner Party

Everyone loves a menu that’s straightforward and ready to go and this Jerusalem Cookbook Dinner Party is all that and more. Added bonus, most of the dishes can be prepared well-ahead of the party so that you can enjoy the party your self. The recipes, while delicious any time of the year, point out how lush and flavorful winter produce can be. Pomegranates and pears abound, dried prunes are an unexpected ingredient that delights when paired with crispy potatoes, bright green herbs make flavors and colors pop! and who can resist fresh bread, straight from the oven? Aside from the recipes featured on this page, I also recommend that you check out the recipes from my Middle Eastern Feast, which offers other great Middle Eastern dishes to offer your some variety in your planning. And of course, check out the many cocktails I have shared over the years and pick out one that will become your house favorite. I’ll walk you through these recipes step-by-step and at then end you’ll be prepared with an elegant, but comfortable menu that will “wow” guests.

Baba Ganoush via Jerusalem
Homemade Hummus and Pita would also be excellent from my Middle Eastern Feast

Roasted Cauliflower Hazelnut Celery Salad via Jerusalem
Mint Butter Lamb Chops
Duck Fat Potatoes with Prune Caramel

Saffron Pear Semolina Cakes


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  5. Barrett,
    My spouse and son and I would be all over the flavors of this meal! My daughter would dig into the lamb & potatoes and be happy as a clam. (Why is that an expression?)
    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Ha! The whole phrase is “Happy as a clam at high water” and clams are safe from being dug up until low-tide. I bet you were being rhetorical, but still… that’s the origin. It’s a fun meal to make with the family too, each person can be the captain of a recipe. Everyone works together.

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