Madmen Premier Party!

I really like parties. And themes. And costumes. I think that pop culture is a great source for finding said themes and costumes. The problem is, I don’t watch a lot of television. But when I do, I do it with enthusiasm. And a cocktail party. Don’t even get me started on the scale of party that will happen at our house when Arrested Development releases. There will be a cornballer and a banana stand. It’s my favorite show ever. But, said party will require pajamas and pizza delivery since I intend to watch the entire season all at once. Madmen is in a different league. It requires more discussion. It’s fancy. And it definitely requires a cocktail party all it’s own. Here’s what’s on my menu…

Old Fashioned

Baked Clams
Oysters on the Half Shell with Tropical Mignonette
Wedge Salad with Green Goddess Dressing
Deviled Eggs
Dangerous! (Cocktail) Nuts

Back CameraA good time was had by all (especially by old school Betty with her Don).


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