Sausage Tomato and Sprouts Toad in the Hole

Sausage Tomato and Sprouts Toad in the Hole puffed and browned

This Sausage Tomato and Sprouts Toad in the Hole is a somewhat new recipe for me. I certainly never grew up with it. It comes from my friend Jon, whose mother is English. He made it for breakfast during our Chesapeake Bay Weekend and it was my first experience with the classic English breakfast. Of course, I loved it and have been making it ever since. It’s really fun to make with kids because you can ask them about the name of the dish and have them help assemble it. Whatever you put in the pancaked batter will be peeking up through the holes, like a toad in the water since the batter will puff up and around the meats and veggies. Added kid bonus, Sausage Tomato and Sprouts Toad in the Hole is quite easy to make and really delicious. And who doesn’t love a savory pancake? Even super picky kids will likely enjoy this dish and it’s great as breakfast or breakfast for dinner. I love adding whatever cooked leftover veggies I have on hand, as well and cherry tomatoes and sausages of course. This week, I made it with roasted Brussels sprouts, but of course, you can add … Continue reading

Smoked Salmon on a Potato Pancake

brunch with cedar kitchenette smoked salmon on potato pancake

Cooking with Cedar Kitchenette: Smoked Salmon on a Potato Pancake came about when a mutual friend introduced me to a fellow Philly blogger Laura of Cedar Kitchenette. She’s an accomplished baker and still in high school- so cool. We decided to meet up, make brunch and talk tricks of the trade. Laura let me pick the menu and I decided on this lovely brunch pizza of sorts based on a Martha Stewart recipe: Smoked Salmon on a Potato Pancake. We were both really happy with how it came out, and so were our guests. It’s always hard to take great pictures when you’re distracted and hosting guests, so of course I made it again the next day to get me perfect shots. It wasn’t exactly torture to eat it again the next day and I still had all of the ingredients around. This gave me the perfect opportunity to perfect my technique. Since I no longer had guests, I made a small 8-inch serving just for me and I have to admit the smaller size was much easier to maneuver if less impressive. You could easily make a few of the potato pancakes ahead of time and rewarm when guests … Continue reading

Leftover Crab Dip Crêpes

Leftover Crab Dip Crepes for brunch

Here’s one more nice and easy leftover crab dip idea: make savory Leftover Crab Dip Crêpes and serve with the leftover Snappy Green Salad. They work really well with any salad. But I definitely recommend something simple with a citrus dressing. Lemon or lime complements the citrus in the crab dip perfectly. Added bonus, these Leftover Crab Dip Crêpes are perfect for brunch, a ladies luncheon, or even a weeknight meal for guests. The presentation is very elegant despite its simplicity. And you know I’m a total sucker for that combination. I would have company for dinner almost every night, if given the opportunity, and that requires lots of dinner dishes that “wow” without being too time intensive. Recreating and reinventing leftovers is a huge part of how I do this. It also makes eating up leftovers a lot more fun, whether you have company over or not. You don’t even have to admit to your guests that they’re eating leftovers with you. Of course these Leftover Crab Dip Crêpes would be delicious even if you filled traditional Swedish Pancakes or crêpes with the crab dip, just nix the sugar. But I must say, the almond flour, coconut milk and turmeric … Continue reading

Monte Cristo Sandwich

Monte Cristo and maple syrup

Need further incentive to make a ham for Easter Brunch? For me it’s all in the name of the Monte Cristo Sandwich and other Hamitarian Week recipes. Gotta love leftovers… For Hamitarian Week, I’m starting off with the Monte Cristo Sandwich, because just thinking about this sandwich inspires me to buy the giant ham in the first place. In fact, I’m famous for buying both ham and the necessary sourdough bread on the same day, so the bread will be just the right amount of stale for my Monte Cristo leftover ham sandwich. It’s possible that my eye is on the real prize from the outset, the Monte Cristo Sandwich, and everyone who has ever made french toast knows that slightly stale bread absorbs just the right amount of egg to make the french toast rich and tender. In fact, that’s how french toast came about in the first place; the whole point is to save good bread before it goes from stale to bad. And what could possibly be better than putting a breakfast sandwich on this absolutely perfect French Toast? The salty ham and turkey, the melty cheese, the slightly tangy, but custard rich bread and a thick … Continue reading

Basil Brûléed Grapefruit

Basil Bruleed Grapefruit

Basil Brûléed Grapefruit is as stunningly beautiful as it is quick and easy. It’s perfect in the instance that you’re looking for a healthy, but exciting dessert for Brunch, breakfast, dessert, even an after school snack. Of course you can switch up the herbs depending on the meal; it’s great with cilantro, tarragon, sage, even rosemary, just make sure you mince the rosemary really really finely, or it’s too tough to eat. What’s more simple or satisfying than half of a gorgeous ruby red grapefruit with just a touch of basil sugar brûléed? The thin layer of melted sugar will form a sheet of glass over the surface of the fruit that looks like stained glass and of course when you did your spoon if you’ll get that satisfyingly hard crunch and you break it. I’m convinced it’s this crunch, reminiscent of breaking the top of a crème brûlée that is they key to feeling spoiled without devastating your diet. Did I mention it’s really easy? You can have this on the table in under five minutes, which means Basil Brûléed Grapefruit is a trick everyone should have in their back pocket to wow their Easter Brunch guests with ease … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict closeup

I wouldn’t do it often, especially for myself, but there’s no better way to say “I love you” and “Happy Birthday” than brunch. And brunch doesn’t get much better than Eggs Benedict. So today, instead of cake, I made myself what I really wanted: Happy Birthday Eggs Benedict. And I even made some spinach to go with it. Don’t think of it as a vehicle for Hollandaise, no, think of it as vitamins and minerals. You should do what you really want on your birthday too, and make Happy Birthday Eggs Benedict. English Muffins poached eggs (1 for each muffin half) sliced ham (twice as thick as lunch meat) Hollandaise sauce sautéed spinach with salt and pepper cayenne pepper or paprika for garnish Plan of attack: 9am The English muffin dough needs a while to rise. Start by making the dough. 9:30am While it’s rising, poach all the eggs and place them in an ice bath in the refrigerator. Sauté the spinach and leave it covered on the stove. Only add salt and pepper as you’re going to use the spinach to soak up the extra yolk and Hollandaise. 10am Make the Hollandaise. Keep covered on the stove, but turn … Continue reading