Lingonberry Cardamom Tart

Cranberry Almond Lingonberry Torte with creme fraiche

From a technique perspective, this Lingonberry Cardamom Tart is closely based on a Martha Stewart recipe. But I have a confession to make, I’ve never actually made it according to the original instructions. The second I saw it, I knew it was destined for Swedish Thanksgiving greatness. In so many ways, the original recipe waltzes around so many Scandinavian ingredients and flavors and that was enough to pique my interest right away. In my Lingonberry Cardamom Tart I swap in lingonberries wherever possible. I add in cardamom in enough quantity to make sure it doesn’t get lost. And I keep up the rich buttery, almond paste that really makes this dessert feel Swedish to me. I have to admit, anything that requires blind baking, like this Lingonberry Cardamom Tart, I consider to be somewhat of a pain and it better be worth the extra steps. This Lingonberry Cardamom Tart definitely is worth any extra effort. It’s as beautiful as it is rich, tart, sweet, spicy, savory and delicious. The cranberries make this Lingonberry Cardamom Tart wonderful as a Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day dessert and everything else about it will soon make it a family favorite. … Continue reading

Cranberry Caramel Tarts

cranberry caramel tart

I absolutely adore these Cranberry Caramel Tarts. This was one of those desserts that I knew would be a favorite of mine, even before I tried it. And I was oh, so right, even with my ridiculously high expectations. The thing is, I REALLY love caramel. And cranberries. And almonds. These Cranberry Caramel Tarts may as well be named, Barrett’s Favorite Things Tarts. The tart cranberries balances out the sweet, rich caramel. Speaking of caramel, it’s one of those things that cooks can really fear, and to be fair it can be tricky for a variety of reasons, but the caramel in these Cranberry Caramel Tarts is a good beginner caramel recipe. After the caramel is made, it is baked in the tart, so the caramel filling will heat up, smooth out, and tends to come out well in the end even if it’s not perfectly smooth going into the oven. As if the wonderful filling weren’t enough to make this dessert stand out, a crust made with almond flour adds richness, tenderness and crunch. Finally, using slivered almonds, well, that’s my modus operandi; it ensures plenty of texture and almond taste. I serve these Cranberry Caramel Tarts with a little … Continue reading