Thanksgiving is kind of my thing. I cook at least one, but usually more like two or three each year. And the history of Dirty Laundry Kitchen itself is deeply rooted in Thanksgiving. When Marc and I moved into our apartment in Menlo Park, CA we threw our very first Chosen Family Thanksgiving. There were 12 of us. Or maybe 10? There was lots and lots of wine. Some of it was two buck Chuck. And foremost was the central belief that life is busy and mobile, and that friends as loyal as family must be cultivated and appreciated. So we started hosting a dinner party at our home. It was always in early November. It was always beautifully decorated and an example of the most beautiful fall cooking I could imagine. I’d test recipes, try new things, pick themes, and with lots of help from friends, the day was always a wonderful success. This past weekend, Marc and I celebrated our 10th party. 10 years! And it was amazing to see how things have grown. I served a seated, plated meal for 24! in our home in Philly. It only worked because everyone pitched in, chopped, deboned turkey, made last minute desserts, took out the trash, carried tables and chairs up four flights of stairs, and were flexible and happy. It’s still one of my very favorite days of the year. You’ll notice that these photos aren’t always quite up to par, they were taken before I really knew that I’d publish them. When and if I make these dishes again, I promise to update, but in a way it’s fun to have this photographic record of where we’ve come from. Some of our guests have been attending as long as Marc and I have been hosting; some enjoyed their very first year. Some walk over and some fly in. But while the wine may have gotten fancier and I’ve become a better cook, what hasn’t changed is the importance of a day to celebrate the friends that serve as family when you’re far from yours. Skål! and enjoy some menus from years past.

Thanksgiving 2014 (Scandinavian)Thanksgiving Scandinavian Cover Photo

Thanksgiving 2013 (Caribbean)table scape

Thanksgiving 2012 (Mexican)thanksgiving centerpiece gold squash

Thanksgiving 2011 (Gingersnap Pork Loin)Thanksgiving 2011 centerpieces

Thanksgiving 2010 (Pork Shoulder)thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving 2009 (Turkey)torching the turkey


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