thrifty/$pendy alterations

Some ingredients are worth a trek to a new city or the care to plan ahead and order it in the mail. I do love the little details that make an experience extra special. When I find an ingredient that’s really worth your time or money, or if I’ve created a technique that makes a dish or event really shine, I’ll try to call your attention to it. I will label it: “spendy alteration.”

But there are lots of great products available that substitute well for money or time. As a self-proclaimed efficiency expert I’m always on the lookout for substitutions that do not sacrifice taste or elegance. Whenever possible I’ll try to alert you to modifications that will save you time or money. These will be labeled: “thrifty alteration.” I swear that no one will ever be able to tell the difference between this IKEA special and the pricey St. Germain.

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