Birthday Cakes

B I R T H D A Y     C A K E S

tangerine buttercream with lavender blueberry birthday cakeBirthday Cakes were a huge deal growing up in my house. My mother made signature cakes for us over the years. I even remember her sketching a diagram for a many tiered marble cake so she wouldn’t forget how to order the different fillings. For me it all started with a purple kitty cake on my third birthday and ended with the torta mascarpone she made for my 18th birthday. We still make her torta mascarpone with oranges and blackberries at Christmas sometimes. I carried on the tradition and have been making signature cakes for friends and colleagues for years. It always starts with two questions: what are your two favorite flavors and what is your favorite dessert of all time? Sometimes I put them together and sometimes I don’t but I definitely learn enough to create a dessert just as unique as your loved one.

Pictured above is a citrus cake with lavender blueberry filling and tangerine butter cream. It’s decorated with fresh blueberries and lavender. Other past creations: cupcakes with salted caramel butter cream, chocolate torte with grapefruit caramel, passion fruit cupcakes and a classic carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Cookies, brownies, macarons and themed party favors are other common requests. movie premier treatsAnd Marc usually wants a rhubarb pie. Sometimes I can even make that happen in December. Just ask me.

[Please e-mail for an estimate or a reference] on the perfect cake.

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