C A T E R I N G   &   P A R T I E S   

Next time you have cause for a grand occasion imagine how wonderful it will be to enjoy the status of guest at your own party. Let Dirty Laundry Kitchen plan a cheese board, create signature cocktails and cocktail cookies, prepare a dessert bar or plan a menu of hors d’ouevres to treat your guests and yourself to an evening of decadence. [Please e-mail for an estimate or a reference]

Past Events:
50th Wedding Anniversary for 100 guests
South American dinner party for 50 guests served buffet style
Welcome Back Party for the University of Pennsylvania Political Science department (100 guests)
Wharton Welcome Party (Snacks and sandwiches for 25)
Medical School New Student Party in Fairmount Park (French Picnic for 50)
Graduation Party: desserts, cheeses and cocktails (for 20)

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